5 Must-Climb Volcanoes to Visit and Conquer

It’ a thrill second to none – to climb an active volcano, feel the dust on your face, and see the world on your palm. Risk-takers, of course, know all about the feeling we call the volcano climbing experience, but this unique trial of physical and mental strength boasts many benefits for non-adventurers too. Whichever group you belong to, we highly recommend conquering these tops.

These are the five must-climb volcanos to visit and conquer.

  • Mount Kazbek, Georgia

Located about 100 kilometers from Tbilisi, right on the border between Russia and Georgia, Mount Kazbek is worth visiting not only for its unique geological origin – it’s a dormant stratovolcano – but also for the charming villages and delicious food in its foothills. Climbers, expect a 5,047 m ascent.

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania  

A little higher and notoriously steeper is Africa’s highest mountain and dormant volcano Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s something of a trophy among mountain and volcano climbers, and not only because of its 5, 895 m ascent. The tiring climb takes five days and must be supervised by a guide.

  • Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Just two meters shorter than Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi volcano is only the third highest active volcano in the world. Not a big deal if you are a seasoned and easily acclimatized climber endowed with passion, but certainly a challenging ascent that requires patience, unwavering will, and five long days.

  • Mount Kenya, Kenya

As unusual and picturesque as Kenya itself, Africa’s second highest mountain is actually a long-dormant volcano that’s finally getting the attention it deserves. And the best thing about it is – even though it’s 5,199 m high, Mount Kenya is a superb destination for beginners at climbing.

  • Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Mount Rinjani’s top offers one of the most sensational views on the world – another active volcano Mount Barujari can be seen from there, sitting on the edge of the turquoise Lake Segara Anak surrounded by lush green valleys. But it is a tough 3,762 m climb that usually takes around two days.

They say that it’s not the mountain itself we aim to conquer, but ourselves. The same can be said of volcanos, be they active or not. If you’re on a journey of self-discovery (and who among us isn’t), we suggest that you just pick a top, get your gear on, and climb until you physically can’t do it anymore.