Even the Lounge Menu at Restaurant Sinclair is Stunning

Quebec’s Restaurant Sinclair—located in the stunning St. Sulpice hotel—caters to only the most sophisticated pallets with a menu that fuses classic tradition with modern techniques and flavors.  The result is a stunning festival of flavors and textures to delight your senses. For instance, just take a look at the Lounge Menu and the Discovery Menu!



The lounge menu is served from 3pm to 11pm and features:

  • Mixed nuts sprinkled with smoked paprika served with sauteed arugula
  • Warmed “Beautiful Provence” olives drenched in Vodka and served with minced almonds
  • Fresh seasonal oysters
  • Small, traditional, Canadian beef tartar prepared with your choice of seasonings
  • Fresh, pressed Atlantic crab with coriander and served with a spicy mayo and curry crumble
  • Marinated and grilled calamari served with a fresh basil pesto and tomato salsa all Puttanesca
  • plate of fresh Quebec cheese with chef seasonings and grilled nut country bread
  • Charcuterie board of mixed cured meats, marinated dill vegetables, served with homemade mustard and a Kalamata tapenade
  • Fresh Quebec lobster wrap served with arugula, a basil mayonnaise, and french fries
  • Grilled Canadian beef burger with aged cheddar and mesculin served on a brioche bun along with provencale french fries


1st course dishes in the Discovery Menu include:

  • a radish declination with toasted bread and a curry-flavored sheep’s milk butter and a rhubarb chutney
  • Spicy, organic tomato jelly with a Bufallo mozzarella mouse, fried basil, and candied cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh Atlantic crab with coriander served with rye bread tiles, an old-fashioned mustard sour cream, and whipped citrus
  • Quebec foie gras with with a parmesan flash foam served with a trimoline of fresh strawberries, and a white balsamic drizzle

Main dishes in the Discovery Menu include:

  • Seared duck breast with crispy skin served with an apple jam, smoked sour cream, and Argousier berries
  • Catch of the day served with a sauteed duo of green and wild asparagus; and crispy pork belly with a goat milk foam
  • Slow-cooked saddle of lamb and a spicy jus served with a panoufle powder, dehydrated parsley, a smoked mussel gel, and tomatillo ketchup
  • Canadian prime rib served with stewed onions and homemade pickled onions along with an onion-blackened meringue and a field mix of little garden sprouts
  • Fresh, lightly-seared Japan scallops served with a trilogy of roasted and pureed Jerusalem artichokes, with apple cider and vinaigrette jus
  • Quebec cheese board