James Bond Island Tour: 5 Things to Do During Your Trip

Landed in Phuket and thinking from where to start your journey? James bond island tour by speedboat is always a great and one of the best island tours in Phuket. It is a must visit place in the entire region and one the most pleasing landscapes you will ever see!

Why Named as James Bond Island?

A trip to James Bond Island will bring you to discover one of the Phuket best scenes. James Bond Island where the James Bond’s blockbuster movie named Man with The Golden Gun was filmed in the year 1974, situated in the Phang Nga National Park which has the most staggering view and which was likewise used to shoot some helicopter scenes in the film Jurassic Park.

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Why Visit James Bond Island?

James Bond island trip takes you where secret tidal ponds open into the rocks to meet the astonishing majestic caves, this trip is highly recommended to get a real picture of Thailand nature and shoot incredible photos.

5 Things to Do On James Bond Island

  • Walk from the ferry parking area, up past the traveler gift shops at that point down and around to the shoreline region by the cove where Koh Tapu aka James Bond Island’s iconic Rock is located.
  • Take photos of yourself and re-enacting the best scenes from the film with your friends and family members taking on the roles of 007, Ms. Goodnight, Nik Nak, and Scaramanga.
  • Browse to the identical souvenir shops who amazingly don’t sell much in the way of James Bond merchandise or mementos.
  • Take lots of cool photographs of the James Bond Island Rock and the surrounding area.
  • Get ready to leave the iconic island because it is a very popular place and there will be more groups ready to land at the same time you leave.