Journey through Sri Lanka – Top Tips to Enjoy Its Beauty

Sri Lanka is a true melting pot of beauty, rich cultural heritage as well as the land of adventure and sports. The friendliness of the people comes as a wonderful surprise. The Sri Lankan visa application has also become much easier with the entire process going online. However, like any other foreign country, preparation and education is a must to truly enjoy all the beauty that the country has to offer. Let’s throw light on some vital tips.

Health precautions

Each country has its own infectious bacteria and virus which can catch you unawares and make your entire trip turn into a disaster. To avoid it, it is best to get yourself vaccinated against all the diseases which are prevalent in the country like typhoid, tetanus, polio, rabies, and malaria. Apart from it, the country is extremely hot, and thus a heat stroke is quite common there for visiting tourists. Thus, it is important that you carry plenty of shades and sunscreen lotions with yourself. Additionally, it is extremely important to stay well hydrated there to minimize all risks.


Even though the island is a small one, it shows great variation in the climate along its regions. The coastal weather is hot and humid especially in summer, but central regions like Kandy and Nuwara showcase a sharp contrast of hot and cold climates. Thus, it’s best to carry cotton and linen fabrics with a light sweater or shawl in tow. Shoes and sandals need to be comfortable that can be easily walked in and facilitate easy climbing of stairs as well as rocky terrains.

Sri Lanka with its vibrant energy and mesmerizing beauty and cultural heritage will leave a deep imprint in the minds of every tourist. Getting ahead with pre-knowledge will aid in getting the most out of your trip.