Local Foods in Zurich That You Should Try

It’s no secret that one of the greatest things about visiting a new city is getting the chance to taste its culinary marvels. In this direction, apart from the stunning skiing resorts, and its interesting cultural background, Switzerland can boast with a range of mouth-watering local dishes. Without fear of contradiction, you won’t go hungry in Zurich, on the contrary, you’ll get the chance to indulge in some of the yummiest dishes.

Make sure you don’t leave Zurich before trying:

  • Zurich ragout of veal and mushroom, aka Zurcher geschnetzeltes

The veal prepared in traditional Zurich style accounts for a perfect, wintertime lunch. The dish comprises of sliced veal, sweetbreads soaked in a delicious gravy of onions, cream, white wine, butter, mushrooms, and calves’ kidneys. This old-school dish is present on the menus of nearly every restaurant in Zurich. This dish is a mere delight to your taste buds. Give it a try and dare to contradict me.Image result for Local Foods in Zurich That You Should Try

  • Swiss Fondue

The literal meaning in French for fondue is melted. This exemplary dish incorporates a considerable amount of melted cheese since Zurich is the one place to savor many cheese assortments, wine, and garlic. The locals dip bread, onions, olives, and pickles by using long-stemmed, elegantly looking forks. This dish is served in the majority of ski resorts, as the warm cheese is more than welcome after engaging in a skiing adventure on the slopes.

  • Rösti

This potato dish is conveyed as a national dish in Zurich. It consists of fried grated potatoes, and some other ingredients such as onion, cheese, or apple. Many times, Rösti replaces other typical potato sides. Make sure you give it a try.

  • Basler Leckerli

The recipe for this unique dish was invented more than 600 years ago, by local spice merchants. This delicious, glazed and sweet gingerbread has plenty in common with the famous German lebkuchen. Traditionally, the biscuits contain almonds, hazelnuts, fruit, honey, and, the good news is that you may found them round-the-year. Nonetheless, they are preferred during the winter season, especially during Christmas time. Lecker means deliciousin German; hence, the name of the dish certainly indicates its deliciousness!

  • Nusstorte

If you have a sweet tooth, you ought to taste the savory Nusstorte, which enlists of caramelized sugar, cream, short crusty pastry, and, of course, chopped walnuts. This dessert is, by definition, tasty, and you can find it at nearly any café.

When you’re traveling to a new destination, unfortunately, you have many things on your mind, apart from making lists of delicious local dishes. If only that would be our only concern! If you’re thinking about taking a reliable taxi from Zurich airport, you can always find plenty of trustworthy, private services, which supply professional assistance. The good news is that you can reach to your accommodation in the shortest time, and in one piece, without needing to worry about your luggage, the traffic, crowds of tourists and so on. Luckily, once you’ve booked your transfers, all there’s left for you to do is think about the delicacies you’re about to taste!