Off Beaten Track Adventures in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a beautiful area to place any holiday. From white, sandy beach to exotic heritage, it demonstrates a distinctive charm that may differ from elsewhere you know. To differentiate your travel experience, our insider travel experts have introduced some interesting tips of where to go and what to do for a unique travel :

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar
For beach and island lover, Merui Archipelago is a big call. With over 800 islands and mostly are wild, the area is still out of tourist map thanks to its remote location.
Up to 2016, the area remains mostly untouched because of the price, it rewards every touring day by striking seascapes, friendly gypsies village; private beaches and fascinating Lampi national park.
Kayaking over pristine waters, diving with shark, trekking through jungles … these experiences are expected to feature as your lifetime Myanmar Adventure. Image result for Off Beaten Track Adventures in Southeast Asia
Bac Ha, Vietnam
While many destination in Vietnam become more touristic, Bac Ha is a notable hill station for trekking and mountain biking for the next coming years.
The district houses 5 weekly market, presenting the intrigue ethnic culture of Flower Hmong, Tay, Phu La peoples.  There are breathtaking trekking trails that allow you to soak up distinguished traditional workshop, exotic villages from 2 to 5 days with option of homestay.
What impress travelers the most is the rice terraces which is a typical image of north Vietnam.

Kulen, Cambodia
This Mountain is a unparalled challenge for motorcycler who want to unearth the rural landscape of Siem Reap, Cambodia. It offers you a chance to navigate along the less visited villages on some unpaved roads.
What you will experience on an adventure to Kulen is more than just an exploration of Chao Srey Vibol temple or Trao Kad Lake.

Golden Triangle, Thailand
Golden Triangle is mentioned in many movies and books, it is ever a mysterious land that attracts the curious eyes every year. While the frontier of Thailand and Laos are opening for visitor, Myanmar portion is left closed.
These days, there are some local tour operator start operating motorcycling adventure from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang, traversing the scenic road of Thailand, crossing Mekong River by cruise then conclude by Laos’s heritage town.
What is new : Myanmar Motorcyle Tours now offer an extraordinary ride along the Burma Road to reach Thailand before entering Laos.  

Yuan Yang, China
Located in Yun Nan province, Yuang Yang is a truly off beaten track site amongst foreign tourists. Though it is very famous for photographers who come to shoot the waving rice terrace, the number of visitors remains little compare to its incredible potential.
With more trekking trails will be opened and more cultural focused program, Yuan Yang undoubtedly will promise some of the most authentic experiences of China.