Options to take advantage of the boat trip in Hvar

Book 1 full day at least to get off by boat in Hvar, the amount of beaches and islands to visit outside the centrinho is huge and they are wonderful!! Even so it is impossible to do everything in one day, it is necessary to choose. The idea of ​​this post is to help someone who is in doubt on what to visit and how to do.

The Options for You Now

The options are basically to hire a tour with a group of people and script already predefined. You can choose a smaller private boat with a skipper (boat driver) and there you will be more free to do what you want (min EUR $ 350). If you know how to drive a boat they also rent there easy and unlicensed (they say “if you can drive a car you can drive a boat”), it is cheaper but if you prefer not to risk no, you will find it dangerous mainly to go further. There is also the option of taxi-boats, if you go to and from a specific place also works well. You can now enjoy a sailing trip in Croatia in every way and for that the deals are now perfect.

Among the numerous options offered around the port of Hvar, we went on the recommendation of the Hotel, the company Segorent . We chose to rent a small but private boat so we could make our itinerary and still control our schedule. The most popular tours are the “Blue Cave” and “Green Cave” tours on the island of Vis, as well as the Pakleni Islands, where Palmižana and Komiža are known (tours cost about EUR 70 per person). If you are in 2 or 3 couples end up getting very attractive renting the boat, on our boat would fit 6 with comfort.

If you are traveling to Croatia know that a boat trip in Hvar is one of the most demanding attractions in the country. During our trip to the country we had a memorable ride to Blue Cave.

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Boat Trip in Hvar

  1. Search the itinerary and the price of the boat trip in more than one agency. In the port and in Hvar Town the agencies are very easy to find because they are close to each other.
  2. Be aware of the weather forecast, as this influences the conditions and the type of tour you will have. For example, if there is rain or wind, the Blue Cave may be closed, talk about your travel plans before venturing out to sea.
  3. See the structure of the boat of the tour and try to sit in the most stable possible place, preferably next to the scooter.
  4. If you are cardiac or suffering from panic syndrome do not walk in closed days, the sea gets very agitated and the boat “chica” on the waves that can reach 3m in height. The feel is similar to riding on a roller coaster without the looping scene. There is a heart!
  5. Take a snack and water, to eat during the boat trip, but enjoy lunch on some island, the experience can be fun and delicious.