Party in a Limo – Some Fun Ideas!

Even though a limousine is regularly considered to be the epitome of luxury, you may be surprised to find that renting one isn’t actually that expensive. In fact, renting one out for a party provides one with a truly unique experience, and an extraordinary one at that. You may have to scale down your guest list, but that isn’t too much of a problem if you choose the people that really matter to you. If it’s a milestone birthday such as your 21st or 40th, then something fresh and out of the ordinary, such as renting a limousine, may be among the best ideas you’ll get. A great thing about a limo party is that you can stop at a variety of different destinations, and you need not be confined to one place. As a result, there are large amounts of option available to you regarding what you would like to do on that party. Here is a list of some of the most exciting ideas:

  • A scavenger hunt: The fact that you’ll have transport means that you’ll be able to stop several times along your limo ride. Assign things for the guests to look for at these stops. Provide some motivation for competition, such as a prize for the group that finds all of the items first. The one issue with this is that it will take a lot of preparation work, but it will feel easy if you’ve got a lot of people to help with the work (such as family members and friends).

  • Take advantage of the sunroof: Not many people are even aware that limousines have a sunroof, so this point may come as a surprise to some. Play some music nice and loud, and spin the bottle to find out who has to stick their head out to the sunroof to sing a full chorus nice and loud. This might be a bit embarrassing for some, but it’s a great way to create memories and have fun.

  • Make a little travel documentary: This may sound like an odd idea, but it’s an extremely enjoyable one. Make sure that your destination is a fairly long drive away, so that you can have a decent amount of time inside the limo. Document the ride with a Polaroid, play some music, and stop every now and then to pick up a free souvenir of the city (eg. a hand-out leaflet or a flower). Compile all of these in a scrapbook on the way, and you’ll be able to keep these memories for good.

However, if you are planning on inviting a sizeable amount of people, then a limo is probably not going to be big enough for you. If you want to be really extravagant, however, there are multiple other enjoyable methods of transport. Among these is a party bus. They tend to fit a lot of people, and you’ll have an experience to remember. Be sure to check out Party Bus New York for more information.