Planning a Sunrise Safari? Know What to Do and What Not to Miss!

Desert Safari Dubai is one great experience. Be it at the evening time or overnight, daytime or early morning, each time adds to the charm of the desert safari. Evening desert safari gives you a chance of seeing the sun setting in the desert and the early morning safari given you the chance to enjoy the sun rising over the desert horizon. Both times have own value and beauty. An overnight desert safari, however, is a long time trip to the desert which offers many other activities for fun and entertainment. It involves not only the sun setting scene but also a whole night stay at the desert camp area and sunrise as well. Nighttime in the desert offers a different experience. No matter which type of tour, you choose for the vacations, get benefit from our desert safari online booking services.Image result for Planning a Sunrise Safari? Know What to Do and What Not to Miss!

Types of Safari Tours

Sunrise Safari is a short trip to safari which includes only the sunrise scene and an hour before or after the sunrise. This whole trip usually takes 3 to 4 hours only. It is one of the most commonly chosen safari tours for Dubai. But there are others like the mussandam dibba tour, which itself is really enjoyable tour. If you are planning to visit the desert at the early morning time, you got to choose the best package for this purpose. Different companies offer different prices. The group, as well as individual services, is offered by them at different prices. First excursion is one such service provider which ensures your comfort and makes sure that your adventure is not missed anyway.

Features of the Desert Safari Tours

Early morning the temperature in the desert is quite lower compared to the day time. So if you are going for a sunrise safari and you have children with you, make sure they are wearing full sleeved and full-length dresses just as a precaution. Although it is not cold but pleasantly cool. Children, however, may find it cold at that time. Some other important features that you must not forget are:

  • Never miss your camera on such a trip. Sunrise is not only to be seen but a must to be captured sight to cherish later while you are sitting on your couch or bed and remembering your trip
  • You can take a bottle of water or flask of tea for you to enjoy, however; your driver may also offer you such entertainment complimentarily.
  • Wear seat belts while dune bashing and dune driving.
  • Be patient with the camel ride as it is a slower ride.

But wait! That’s not enough! You still need to make sure, that you don’t do anything wrong during the tour. Some examples are:

  • Do not take pregnant ladies with you as the bumpy dune driving may be harmful to their health
  • Be careful with children. Make them wear seat belts and take care that they do not slip off their seats or have their heads bump to the roof in case of a hard bump.
  • Do not tease the camels while riding or it would not be a pleasant trip anymore.
  • Do not go wandering here and there without noticing your drivers as they are your guides and are responsible for your enjoyment as well as safety.