Time Taken To Process H1B Visa

One of the most in demand nonimmigrant visa of the US is definitely the HIB Visa. It provides the opportunity to so many people from all across the globe to work for an employer in the US for up to six years. It is also commonly known as the Person in Specialty Occupation Visa. This visa is known to be quite a highly competitive one because only people who come with specialized knowledge and skills get approved of it. The employees go to the US and they also get sponsored from different companies.

One of the best parts about this visa is that it is not necessary that the person would have to return back to one’s country post the six years’ period is over. It is hence also known as the dual intent visa.

Processing time for H1B Visa


When it comes to H1B visa processing times, the USCIS does assign a particular time period. It starts from the beginning of the month of April and the limit is up to October end. For the USCIS, in October its fiscal year starts and it does last until the next year of September. After the petitions have been processed, the foreign employees can resume their work from the month of October.

Hence, the normal time taken for the H1B visa to process is from one to six months. Again, it does depend a lot on the service center too. The California and Nebraska Service Centers take up to two to four months’ time. On the other hand, the Vermont Service Centerdoes take a longer time.It takes around twelve to fifteen months’ time for the petition to get processed.

The way in which this particular visa gets processed, is very random. The overall selection process is also known as H1B visa lottery. This way you can understand that there is no particular order or preference given to any employee. It starts with 20,000 petitions for those who have graduated from U.S institutions.When it comes to the regular petitions, only 65,000 get selected. A random selection procedure takes place and the number gets filled.