Traveling to Vietnam? Here’s What You Should and Should Not Do

Vietnam is home to unparalleled natural and cultural beauty. In recent years, the country has grown to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia drawing visitors from all over the world. If you are someone planning a vacation or trip, Vietnam is one place you should definitely consider visiting.

Depending on how long you plan to stay here, you can choose from the numerous travel packages like the popular 10 days travel to Vietnam or more. While planning ahead is always a good thing when travelling to any place alien, it is also highly advised that you make an effort to learn a few things about the place beforehand. Doing so, will only help make the adventure smoother and avoid any inconvenience while there.

So, what are some of the things you should know when in Vietnam? Here is a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to help make your trip more enriching and safe.

The DO’s

Do Greet

Vietnamese are very hospitable and generous individuals. While there, feel free to greet those around as you would normally. This not only shows how much you appreciate being in Vietnam, but also conveys a sense of respect to the locals.

Do Dress Modestly When Entering A Holy Place

Your travel itinerary might include visits to a few holy places. While visiting these, make sure to dress modestly and appropriately to avoid offending anyone.

Do Check The Seal On Bottled Water

When buying bottled water, ensure the seal is intact. You don’t want to end up buying tap water filled in old water bottles as it may make you sick.

Do Bargain When Buying Souvenirs

Just like all other places, prices for souvenirs or others items that may interest travellers tend to be high in Vietnam. So, it is good to bargain when buying something. We advise to also try out different shops to get the best deal.

The Don’ts

Don’t Wear Expensive Items orJeweler

Try not to show jeweler or other expensive items like gadgets and more when travelling on the streets. You don’t want to attract more attention than you normally would.

Don’t Wear The Backpack On The Back

When wearing a backpack or carrying a purse, make sure it is placed in such a way that openings are always in sight. The same applies while carrying a wallet. Keep it in your front pocket instead of back. For purses or backpacks, it is best to keep them locked at all times.

Don’t Get Intimate in Public

If you are travelling with your partner, avoid getting intimate in public places as it may offend some. Remember, not every country may be as open or liberal as your home country.


Don’t Wander Away

If you are travelling with a guide or a group, try not to wander off. Remember, best care is self-care.

Vietnam is an excellent place for a vacation.However, keeping the above mentioned can help avoid any unwanted inconvenience when in the country or any other else.

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